Why the low-cycle fatigue performance of additively manufactured stainless steels is not always reproducible?

With the growing interest in additive manufacturing, the fatigue properties of materials produced by this technique must be accurately described to reach high structural integrity performance. Among them, low-cycle fatigue (LCF) is too often overlooked in the literature. In that context, we performed several LCF tests on a L-PBF AISI 316L stainless steel and collected the limited available data in the literature. Besides the experimental data and fatigue properties, we unveiled the main influencing factors on the LCF behaviour of this material and thus explained some contrasting results found in the literature. Hopefully, this work will help us to remind which aspects need to be considered when testing such materials and serve as a guide to assess the LCF performance of the studied stainless steel.

M. Pelegatti, D. Benasciutti, F. De Bona, A. Lanzutti, M. Magnan, J. S. Novak, E. Salvati, F. Sordetti, M. Sortino, G. Totis, E. Vaglio. On the factors influencing the elastoplastic cyclic response and low cycle fatigue failure of AISI 316L steel produced by laser-powder bed fusion. (2022) International Journal of Fatigue.


ResearchGate open access pre-print

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