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Master's thesis

Students in their final year of the Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering are welcome to join us to carry out research activities related to our areas of expertise. Thesis topics opportunities in collaboration with international research institutes, universities and industrial contexts are continuously available. It is also possible to carry out the thesis project at renowned Universities in the EU through funded ERASMUS opportunities. A non-exhaustive list of project proposals is: 

  • Thermo-mechanical analysis of continuous casting processes of steel (FEM – Numerical – Industrial)
  • The effect of a dental implant on the stress response of mandibular bone (FEM)
  • Modelling of cyclic plasticity response of a tempered steel (FEM – numerical)
  • Crack propagation in brittle materials in the presence of residual stress (FEM)
  • Development of a calculation code for the evaluation of residual stress depth profile by the ring-core method (Numerical)
  • Mechanical behaviour of cellular materials obtained by Additive Manufacturing (FEM)
  • Structural integrity assessment of welded structures subjected to fatigue loadings (FEM – Industrial)
  • Finite element simulation of fatigue delamination processes (FEM)
  • Thermo-mechanical structural analysis of an induction furnace (FEM – Industrial)
  • Experimental and modelling studies of metamaterials exhibiting auxetic behaviour.
  • Machine Learning approaches for fatigue evaluation
  • Residual stress evaluation across the lengthscales (abroad)

Further details will be given upon request.

Opportunities to carry out internships and thesis projects in industry are also available.

PhD opportunities

SIMED accepts successful candidates to the Industrial and Information Engineering (IIE) PhD programme. Every year, a number of fully-funded or self-funded PhD fellowships are available  Detailed information on the doctorate programme, selection process and other related matters are available on the doctorate website (IIE-PhD)

For additional information, please get in touch with us.

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