Marco Beltrami

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Role: Postdoctoral Researcher


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Marco Beltrami is currently enrolled as Postdoctoral Researcher at the Engineering Department of the University of Udine.
He received his PhD in Nanotechnology at the university of Trieste in December (2022), and his BSc in Materials Science (2014) and MSc in Materials Science and Technology (2017) at the University of Rome Tor Vergata.
Marco’s research background mainly focuses on the fabrication and experimental investigation of PVD hard coatings and inorganic materials for industrial applications in harsh environments, with an emphasis towards unravelling the relations between process conditions, materials properties, and functional performances.
His fundamental experimental expertise involves mechanical tests (Vickers and Rockwell Indentation methods) corrosion tests (EIS, LSP), X-Ray diffraction and the scanning electron microscopy suite (FIB-SEM-EDX). He is also curious about computational approaches in support of experimental evidence.