Alessandro Tognan

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Role: PhD Candidate


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Alessandro received his MSc degree in Mechanical Engineering in July 2020 at the University of Udine where he is currently a PhD student in Industrial and Information Engineering.
His main research interests focus on the solid structural mechanics field. In particular, he exploits the Finite Element Method (FEM) to study thermal and mechanical behaviour of mechanical components and assemblies.
At present he is involved in two main projects, one regarding the valuation of integrity performance of mechanical components employed in steel making industry, and the other related to dental surgery, that is the study of a dental implant-mandible mechanical interaction.
Other research interests concern the evaluation and modelling of macro-scale residual stresses, as well as exploitation and development of FEM-oriented open-source software.
He is a Mathematics enthusiast, particularly regarding aspects of Continuum Mechanics, System Identification, Optimisation and the Calculus of Variations. During his leisure time he likes to practice Calisthenics.